Australian Labradoodle receives AKC Certification

We received an email from a previous puppy family of Summer Rose, that their Australian Labradoodle puppy received her AKC Certification. Ashford Manor’s Lady now known as Maggie, was one of Summer’s second litter. Maggie has turned out not only to be a fantastic temperament, but her color change is amazing! I would not have guessed it was the same puppy, it goes to show that doodles can get darker!

Summer Rose is one of our original breeding dogs here at Ashford Manor Labradoodles. Summer is an amazing apricot, miniature Australian Labradoodle who loves to smile. She gets so excited every part of her body is moving! She has proved repeatedly to be a phenomenal mom who even teaches other dogs how to be better at motherhood. Summer Rose is very intuitive, intelligent, and friendly.

Excerpt from email on AKC Certification and update on a Summer Rose puppy named Maggie formerly known as Ashford Manor’s Lady

It has been almost a year since we got Lady from you and I thought I’d give you an update.  Especially for your children.  I only met you, and them, once, but, I was impressed with how much they cared for her.  Donna and I cannot express how happy we have been with Lady.  She is such a joy.  And, SO intelligent.  Easy to train.

She has been to training 3 times.  First was 6 weeks of “Puppy School”, followed by 6 weeks of “High School”.  At the end of the second 6 weeks the instructor conducted an AKC training test.  All 10 participants had to try.  Maggie was the only dog to pass all elements of the test.  She was awarded an AKC Certificate.

Pictures of Ashford Manor Labradoodles Lady now known as Maggie, after her AKC Certification


Red Australian Labradoodle


Maggie as a puppy, wow, look at the difference! She was gorgeous then and is still stunning!

Cream Australian Labradoodle

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