Australian Labradoodles and a

Pearl Cockatiel

So you are wondering what in the world I am doing talking about a bird, right? Me too! My third son asked about a year ago if he could have a bird. My husband and I had been off on several long ventures to bring home our adopted daughter and we said, “Sure!” Well long story short, he arrived this week!

A bird seems to be pretty easy to take care of so far.  We feed him, talk to him, give him water, easy … right? Well the dogs seem to like him too! In fact, Brandy our medium sized Australian Labradoodle things he should be a playmate.

Joey is not to sure of Brandy. He pecks Brandy on the nose when she gets to close. Meanwhile, Brandy steps one step back and just stares at him. Often we will catch Brandy laying by his cage hoping that he will be let free.

A little history of Brandy, her mom used to unlatch her crate. Then she started unlatching the crates of other dogs she wanted to play with. After time, her owner decided that either crates were not a good thing or they needed a lock! I am hoping that Brandy doesn’t think she can open Joeys crate!

Our Pearl Cockatiel is named Joey, he is three years old. He says a few things and makes some noise.  The kids are trying to teach him more than, “My name is Joey” and “Joey is a pretty bird”. My husband has been whistling different tunes to him that he is already repeating.

Well I guess with five kids a dog is not enough. One of my other boys is planning on chickens … they are in the same family.  Hopefully no one asks for something crazy when we are having a weak moment :-)!