Did you know that Australian Labradoodles make

wonderful service and guide dogs

We took Summer to brush up on her Service Assistance work again. It seems that whenver testing is available she is having puppies, what she so loves to do! You should see her eyes sparkle when she has puppies, she is such a fantastic mom! We purchased her a new toy that has ears like a puppy, and she so gently cleans that toys ears multiple times a day. She carries it in her mouth from place to place with her, very gingerly so she will not harm it.

We continue to have her skills sharpened for service work in preparation for the day. We are so excited that she will soon be able to travel to schools, libraries, and nursing homes to share her smile. Summer is such a wonderful dog who absolutely loves people! She has never met anyone she doesn’t like!

Summer is such a wonderful companion. She is always happy and loves to be petted as well. She is a perfect match for service work. Several of Summer’s puppies have gone on to become trained in various fields, not necessarily because they had to but because they are gifted in those areas.

The Story of Australian Labradoodles and their

Service Work

While working for the Royal Guide Dog Association of Australia in the early 1980s, Conran was contacted by a vision-impaired woman in Hawaii. She needed an allergy-free guide dog since her husband had allergies to dogs. Though no breed is completely hypoallergenic, Conran decided to try crossing a poodle with a lab. Once he found a trainable poodle with a good temperament, he mated it to the lab and three puppies were born. The vision-impaired woman’s husband learned that just one puppy was allergy free.

The new crossbred dog was a good fit for allergy sufferers who were vision-impaired, but the world’s first designer dog didn’t really catch on until Conran came up with a great marketing idea.

“I decided to stop mentioning the word crossbreed and introduced the term ‘labradoodle’ instead to describe my new allergy-free guide-dog pups,” he wrote. <NYDailyNews>


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