So you may wonder why I am writing about goats on an Australian Labradoodle dog blog. Well it is because I was so surprised to find out that you can clicker train them! They say people learn things new everyday, and I believe it is true. With homeschooling my children I find that I am constantly learning new things. One of the animals my children would like to get is a goat.  Why a goat, well I started reading about the benefits of a goat.

Benefits of A Goat

  1. They are very social animals.
  2. They can produce goat milk.
  3. You can eat the Chevron (meat).
  4. People use them for clearing unwanted brush
  5. They eat grass and other vegetation.
  6. They can withstand all different terrains.
  7. They can haul things.
  8. Their skins are used around the world.
  9. Their manure can be used for gardens.
  10. Goat hair (angora) is used to make things.

So now you know there are 10 things that would help you think twice about getting a new lawnmower, maybe you should just get a goat.

**Goats are being rented in cities to maintain their lawns!

**Goats are easy to train with a clicker … Yes, the clicker training we do with our dogs works with goats too!

Ashford Manor Australian Labradoodles is dedicated to enriching the lives of all our puppy families, even those who live in the city. The next time your lawn mower breaks down, just call the owner of a goat!