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Benefits of the Australian Labradoodle

The benefits of owing an Australian Labradoodle are numerous. To begin with the phrase “a dog is mans best friend” is the perfect description of the Australian Labradoodle. The love and devotion these dogs have for their human friends is simply amazing.

The Australian Labradoodle was bred to be a companion and guide dog. Through diligent breeding practices always-keeping temperament a top priority the breed has developed as being one of the smartest most intuitive breeds of all time. A combination of the high intelligence of the parent breeds.

Your Australian Labradoodle will make you feel like you walk on water. Their devotion to you is unmistakable as seen through the way that they make eye contact with you and watch your body language. The Australian Labradoodle is very intuitive, sensing when you need extra attention. They know your every mood, and will act accordingly by just being near when you need a friend. Their happy and joyful antics will bring a smile to your face instantly. If your smile does not occur fast enough, do not be surprised when your Australian Labradoodle starts acting goofy and funny, trying many approaches to get you to laugh and smile, they are wonderful and very persistent.

The Australian Labradoodles high intelligence makes this breed very easy to train. If not trained they can outwit their human companion in a hurry. They love to learn new things and excel at an amazing pace. They make excellent performance dogs, such as agility, guide dogs, assistance dogs and more.

They’re unique connection to their human companion make them yearn to be near their people. They are not a good choice if you want a dog that lives primarily outdoors or in a kennel. They are best suited when they are part of the family. Going with the family on outings and being with the family indoors or outdoors. The Australian Labradoodle is the true family companion breed.

The Australian Labradoodle is allergy friendly, with an odor free non-shedding coat, making this breed the most popular choice for those that are allergic to dogs. The non-shed coat means that you will not have dog hair on your furniture, carpeting and clothes. Their coat will require some grooming, you can easily learn to do this, and most folks find great pleasure in doing so. Groomer’s are also a great choice.

All dogs will go through a change from puppy coat to adult coat. Breeds with a hair coat, the puppy coat falls out (sheds) and the adult coat will replace it. With your Australian Labradoodle puppy the fleece and wool coat must be brushed or stripped out, otherwise extreme matting will occur. This change will usually occur between the age of 10-15 months old. During this time you will need to brush your puppy daily. Once the adult coat has come in your Australian Labradoodle will look great with an occasional trim and bath left to air-dry naturally, brushing a couple times a week and a trim every 6-8 weeks.

The Australian Labradoodle loves water; making them a fun dog to take on outings having to do with water, boating, lake swimming, beach going and such. They have often been reported running through the sprinklers with the children. Their love of water can sometimes lead them to mischief, playing in a water dish, climbing into the shower or tub. Safety must be followed if you have a pool or pond; secure fencing is best to protect them from the water hazard. Teaching your Australian Labradoodle how to get out of the pool or pond is a must.

Australian Labradoodles have a strong instinct to fetch and retrieve; they love the interaction and quickly learn to bring back the thrown object. They will play for hours with anyone willing to play and will receive great exercise in doing so. This is one of the first games we teach our puppies. They can be slightly mouthy, but never bite. They have been known to grab your sleeve or pant leg in their mouth in an attempt to play.

As with all other breeds the Australian Labradoodles have distinct personality traits that differ from puppy to puppy. Some will be more mellow, they are happy to be near and do what ever you are doing at that moment. They love to play a game of fetch, and go for walks. These dogs make excellent service dogs and therapy dogs. They are a perfect match for folks with a less active lifestyle Others are very active and busy. They like to be doing different activities and excel at learning new tricks, and games. They are happy to just go with the family anywhere and everywhere. They are excellent agility dogs and are a perfect match for a family with multiple family members. They enjoy being the center of attention and easily settle down when the family does.

It is important that you discuss your lifestyle and activity level with your breeder. The more information you can give the better. Your breeder will know which puppy will be the perfect match for your family and lifestyle. <Source: Country Labradoodles in California>