This is Brandy and Jack’s second litter together. They have gorgeous puppies with wonderful temperaments and coats! These are perfect for people with allergies or asthma as they are a more curly coat and are non-shedding. They are cream, caramel, and chocolate in color both mini and medium in size.

Brandy’s puppies are 3 ½ weeks old, eyes are open, they are getting their footing and moving around quite a bit.  Going from nursing to lapping goats milk has been a challenge as the technique is a bit strange to them. The beginning of teeth are starting to come in and they are chewing and playing with each other now.  There are a few vocal ones, the caramel with turquoise is extremely vocal and lets you know when he hears you moving around as he wants attention too and he is the largest of the pack.  The chocolate with yellow collar is quiet and to himself.  They all love attention.  Their first trip outside this week was a short one with the colder weather, they stayed huddled on the towel instead of being curious about their surroundings.  As the weather gets warmer we’ll be making more trips outside to explore. 

Chocolate mini and medium Australian Labradoodle availability!

Brandy pups eating

Cheryl Sabens

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