Australian Labradoodle Grooming

Australian Labradoodles have long fleece or wool coats. These coats are non-shedding and allergy friendly. They can grow to be as long as 5″ long which means you need to maintain them. We give our Australian Labradoodles a hair cut 2 – 3 times per year. It is imperative to work with  an Australian Labradoodle puppy and get him used to grooming, we even recommend by the time they are  6 – 8 months of age you take them to the groomer and have them get used to the sights and sounds.

Brushing Your Australian Labradoodle

Brushing an Australian Labradoodle

We like to brush our dogs daily, it is a very relaxing massage for them. It is necessary to brush them at least once per week. To keep the coat nice and mat free, it is essential you brush your Australian Labradoodle at least once per week. If fed a proper diet, their coat does grow quite quickly.

Nails & Ears

Your dogs nails need to be trimmed once per month. Ears need to be cleaned, they can be plucked with a tweezers or with your hands. It is not difficult to pluck the hair nor does is it painful for your pooch. We recommend the groomer shave the area underneath the ear flap to help air flow and help prevent infections.

Muddy Australian Labradoodle?

If your Australian Labradoodle comes in full of mud, do not rush off to give them a bath! Simply let their coat dry and then brush them. You will not even be able to tell they were dirty! Australian Labradoodles have little to no doggie smell, also allowing you to skip the bathing.

Brushing Your Australian Labradoodle

One of my most frequently asked questions is: How often do you brush your Australian Labradoodle? It is easy … we like to brush them everyday but their are times we only brush them twice week. Does this hurt them? As long as they do not get mats. Some coats need to be brushed more than others. I tell people if you only have one Australian Labradoodle there is no reason you cannot groom them 2 – 3 times per week. These dogs do not require much maintenance, just give them a little massage.

Key places to brush your Australian Labradoodle

  • Under the collar
  • Backside of the legs
  • By the rump/tail

Cheryl Sabens

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