Red Australian Labradoodle
To keep your puppy well balanced, it is important that the puppy be introduced and taught how to interact with children.  Most children love puppies but don’t handle the puppies as an adult would.  It is very important for you to teach your puppy how to interact with kids.  If you have children at home, involve them in the training and daily life of your puppy.  Please never leave small infants and children alone with the puppy.  Also, there are some very easy manners to teach your children on how to behave toward a puppy.  Have them remain calm (a puppy will feed off the excitement of young children) and be sure to remind the child that the puppy is a living creature and can feel pain, so they must be gentle with him.  One of the best ways to help a puppy to be patient and understanding when a young child loves on him in a way that he might not prefer is to treat him as a young child would and then give him a treat.  For example tug at his fur – give a treat, pull his tail- give a treat, pat the top of his head-give a treat, etc.  With time your puppy will learn that the best way to respond to an excited toddler is to remain calm and let the toddler love on him!

Cheryl Sabens

Ashford Manor Labradoodles