Yesterday we went to the Creation Museum in Cincinnati, Ohio with another family.  It was a wonderful trip, here more about it from our oldest son. Don’t worry, our puppies were being well taken care of. Cheryl’s mom came down from Chicago, Illinois to watch all of our Australian Labradoodle crew!

More about the Creation Museum

This last Saturday my family and another family (a total of 20 kids and 4 adults) went to the Creation Museum down in Kentucky (I live in Lafayette, Indiana). It was a long day but it was todally worth it!!!  It was also 91°!!!

We had to get up at 5:00 AM; but then we went to our friends house and left from there. On the way we went though Indianapolis, Indiana. About 30 minutes south of Indy we went to a place called Big Boys for those of you who have been there it really isn’t bad -but I personally don’t like the eggs.- By this time it was 8:00 AM; so we have starved for 2 hours!!! We ate in about 1 hour ( there were 24 of us).

So after a while we again had to stop because my sister forgot sandwich buns! But after that we went on, again. The highway that we took made us go though Ohio, Indiana, and then Kentucky.

When we got there we split up into 5 groups, we had to stay with those people until our groups were changed. Now our friend are life time members and were able to get us in for free, which was very kind.

It is about the beginning of creation through Christ’s crucifixion.  There are many people who believe in evolution, but we believe God created the world. It also talks about dinosaurs and when they lived, this was interesting.  The best part was the Starlight Show where we learned about all kinds of stars. The movies are very informative and anyone who attends should watch these.

Well, there you have it folks, our day at the Creation Museum!