Many questions are regularly asked about dog training because choosing a trainer is a very important step in you and your dogs relationship.  Just as we research doctors, schools, and tutors for our children, we also need to do a little research before we choose a dog trainer.

There are various methods of training your dog, how do you know which one is the best?  Am I really training my dog or is this to train myself?  There are so many different words thrown around that it can be very confusing! 

Words Trainers will use

               Clicker Training

                    Punishment Training

                          Positive Reinforcement

                                 Dominant Training

Finding a Dog Trainer and Questions to Ask

The best way to find a trainer is ask a friend with a well behaved dog or go to a dog park and ask around. Call or Visit local trainers and ask them questions like:

  • What kind of training do you use?
  • What skills will be taught in the classes?
  • How many skills will be taught in a given day?
  • Do you have refresher courses?
  • May I come and observe a class without my dog?
  • Do you come to the home, individual, or group setting?
  • How many dogs are in a group class?
  • Do you have experience training (puppy, challenging behaviors, type of dog, etc)?
  • Are you a certified trainer?
  • How long have you been training?
  • Can I have a list of referrals?
  • When are your classes?

Why Do We Need Training and Socialization

Socializing is key in a puppies life.  Puppies that are not socialized have greater chance of fear when they are adults. Just as a toddler needs to learn and you are their teacher, a puppy also needs you to be their teacher. You want a dog that you can tell to do something and it will obey, you want a dog that will not be fearful of situations, you want a dog that will look to you for instruction. 

To achieve these skills you need socialization and training.

Type of Training We Recommend

At Ashford Manor Labradoodles we recommend clicker training your dog.  We have found this to be the best method for our Australian Labradoodles. We socialize our puppies here and encourage our families to continue with a socialization class.  We also encourage our puppy families to enroll in a training course, this is to not only help the dog but also the entire family in making sure everyone is using the same commands.

Did you know your dog watches your actions and listens to your tone? If someone is saying one thing while someone else is using a different command or tone … it will confuse your puppy.  Did you know that if you are wearing a hat in the grass a dog will look at you differently if you wear a hat indoors?

Anything your puppy or dog does that you like, reward!  By rewarding behaviors you like, dogs will do it again to see if they get the same reaction.Consistency, as with anything, is key! We recommend wearing a treat pouch and having one by the front door to help train your puppy.

  • If your puppy looks at you, give him a treat or praise him!
  • If your puppy goes potty outside, give him a treat!
  • If your puppy doesn’t bark when someone comes to the door, give him a treat!
  • If your puppy walks on a leash, give him a treat!
  • If your dog does not tug the leash when walking, give him a treat!

Consistently socialize and train your puppy for a happy home!