IMG_3670Some may say that dogs and Christmas do not go very well together. This can be because dogs are curious by nature and wonder what in the world that big thing with shiny lights and glistening ornaments is all about. What better way to check it out than get up close and personal with the tree, lights, ornaments, and presents!

The best thing is once you have your tree in place let your Christmas 2019dog smell it and check it out. Add the lights and again reward them for checking it out and leaving it alone. Next add your pretty ornaments keeping your more breakable items to the top of the tree. And lastly do not add presents until the last minute.

Christmas Day … there will be a lot of excitement with wrapping flying around, IMG_2910boxes to climb into, and probably food to enjoy. Your dog wants part of the festivities as well. Here at Ashford Manor we suggest getting your dog their own special toy/treat and giving it to them at the beginning of the Christmas experience. This way they will have a place to be and yet part of all the fun and excitement as well.

Merry Christmas to all!

Cheryl Sabens

Ashford Manor Labradoodles

Indiana’s Australian Labradoodle, the non shedding dog