Ear infections are very painful for your puppy.  Unfortunately, ear infections are a common problem for dogs.  The common signs of ear infections are a foul order, the puppy scratching, or shaking his head.   Ear infections can be caused by many things.  Bacteria and unhealthy hygiene are just two of the many potential causes.  It is VERY important for you to remember to clean and dry out your puppy’s ears after a bath or when playing in water. At Ashford Manor we recommend using apple cider vinegar after you clean out their ears. It is a natural disinfectant & drying agent. It is also important to remember to keep the inner ear free of hair.  Your local groomer can help you with this task if you are uneasy doing it. If your puppy has chronic ear problems, it could be a result of their diet.  Start by eliminating chicken and just feed beef and rice, carrots, green beans, etc. Keep this up for 7 – 10 days to get it out of their system. Next, slowly add in the chicken and see what happens. Continue this method for each of the foods that your dog eats.  If the symptoms come back after the food has been reintroduced it would be in your puppy’s best interest to discontinue consuming that food.


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