Well our puppies are 7 weeks old. This means they have their first surgery as one of the many things that happens this week.  We had their spay/neuters performed by our veterinarian yesterday.

The puppies are all doing fantastic. Yesterday they were quite tired and cried occasionally when they moved the wrong way. This morning everyone was doing well, no one has been sick. They have all been eating and drinking great too.

It is always amazing to see their little faces when I pick them up. They were so quiet, I hardly knew they were in the crate! Carrying 4 puppies, I could certainly feel them!

These puppies are continuing to show me they will be about 15 pounds. This is the smallest of an Australian Labradoodle. We love this size! They have enough weight that they have substance and small enough that they fit perfectly even on our laps!

 Why Ashford Manor does Early Spay/Neuter (desex)

Ashford Manor Labradoodles desex all of our pet puppies before they go home.  Any member of the Australian Labradoodle Association is required to do this, it is extremely safe.  This helps to show that Australian Labradoodles are bred responsible.

Early spay/neuter is extremely safe it also has many benefits for both the puppy and the puppy families. Studies show that early desexing heal quickly and have less complications than when they are desexed later. By having them spay/neutered at 7 weeks, they still have one more week with their mom and siblings too! Because of early desexing, all our puppies our gender neutral because the boys do not develop the unwanted behaviors.

Here is a great article about early spay/neuter if you would like more information, Click Here.

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