Well it is that time of year again when we have puppies! It was nice to have a little break, although wonderful to see these beautiful puppies! We have started out the season with Valencia & Max puppies, that are apricot and red in color, and getting very plump! Valencia is a great mom and never likes to leave her little ones! Valencia generally has small litters, Valencia and pupsthis is the case again, we have 3 puppies.

Next up is Cutie and Rudy Two Shoes. They will have about 25 lb. puppies in the apricot and red colors with white markings. They have produced stunning puppies in the past and I am sure will do the same again. These puppies will be here any day! Cutie looks to have about 7 or 8 gorgeous little ones. We look forward to their arrival. Below is a previous Cutie/Rudy puppy.

Australian Labradoodle


Shortly before Thanksgiving we will be having a litter from Silvermist and Blaze! These puppies will be large mini to small medium in size, in the apricot and red shades. Both Silvermist and Blaze are a gorgeous red color. Silvermist is expecting 6 or 7 puppies. This is her first litter, so we are eagerly waiting!

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Next we have Pearl & Brantley due on December 23, 2017! This is Pearl’s last litter, she has produced many amazing dogs Ashford Manor's Wasabiit is hard to see her go! Pearl & Brantley have had several litters together, several service dogs, and a few therapy dogs. They make a remarkable pairing and look forward to these Christmas puppies! A previous Pearl/Brantley puppy is pictured to the right.


To start 2018 off we are expecting Carmello and Chestnut puppies! They are due on January 6th. These two have had two other litters together and have had spectacular puppies as well. Because Carmello is a parti and Chestnut is a red we will have apricot, red, and parti puppies from this pairing. A Carmello and Chestnut previous puppy is pictured below, her name is Winter Lace. She is a future breeder here at Ashford Manor Labradoodles!

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