Yesterday I covered the advantages of enjoying the fall weather with your Labradoodle. Today I wanted to cover some of the things which can bring harm to your Doodle. This is a fabulous time of year, and with anything dogs need to be supervised and not let loose to take care of themselves. After all, they are mans best friend!

Fall Safety with Your Australian Labradoodle

1. It is possible for your dog to have seasonal allergies. If they have a cough, watery eyes, or sneezing it is possible for them to have allergies. Mold and Ragweed are inhaled into the body and can cause a lot of trouble in their systems. Visit your veterinarian for their professional advice. CLICK HERE to learn more about dogs and allergies.

2. Sticks, pine cones, acorns and more can both cause harm in a dog’s gastrointestinal tract and can cause intestinal blockage. Plum and Peach pits should not be ingested by dogs either.

3. Fleas breed in the spring and come out in large numbers in the fall. It is very important to keep your dog on Flea & Tick Meds to prevent them on your dogs or in your home.

4. Watch out for the school buses! There are some dogs who love to chase the big yellow thing on wheels, especially when their loved one gets on. Make sure your dog is in a fenced yard with the gate closed, on a leash, or inside when the school bus drives away.

5. Halloween is a dangerous time for dogs to get into candy that is lying around. Chocolate can be toxic for dogs, high sugar levels can cause dental problems and liver failure. Trick or treaters can be very scary for dogs and if they are frightened they could do things out of character. Obedience training goes a long way for this as well as confining them so they will not be frightened. Various products are made for dog anxiety also.

6. Everyone likes Thanksgiving, right? Just like chicken bones can splinter, so can turkey bones. This causes a choking hazare and can puncture internal organs. Use caution when feeding your dog any table food.

7. With kids back in school, this means your Australian Labradoodle doesn’t have as many people to play with anymore. This can lead to boredom which could lead to destroying things. Keep your Doodle alert by teaching them new things, giving them Kong Toys, and Treat Puzzles.

8. Fall burning of leaves smells great, but it can be very irritating to dogs. They have ultra sensitive noses and the smell of leaves burning or candles can lead to panic. Know how your dog is going to react so it does not hurt itself or anyone else.

Enjoy Your Australian Labradoodle

Be Safe This Season!