This time of year brings many joyous activities, but a little stress can also come with the season.  It is important for you to remember that your Ashford Manor Labradoodle loves routine!  The new schedule and locations could potentially cause your puppy to feel a little stress, too.  Some simple things you can do to maintain a low amount of stress is to keep your puppy on routine as much as you can.  Don’t skip walks, make sure he continues to get an adequate amount of sleep, and try to keep meal times consistent.  If you plan to travel this season, be sure to take his crate with you, keeping his environment familiar as you can, and that will help him feel at ease even in new environments.  Introduce him to new people.  This will help him in his socialization and makes the crowd seem less intimidating.  If he does seem timid with all the new faces, continue to speak to him in a positive, encouraging voice.  Positive reinforcement is ALWAYS better than negative.  This season will bring many new experiences for your puppy, an exciting time for them and for you!


Cheryl Sabens

Ashford Manor Labradoodles
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