What to do when your puppy is frightened

What should your reaction be when you are teaching your puppy socialization and he becomes frightened?  It is very important for you NOT to Willie 5coddle your puppy.  If you coddle your puppy, he will most likely look at that as an action of praise and not as comfort.  He will also feel that there is something to fear and fear the situation even more.  When your puppy becomes unnecessarily frightened in a situation, jolly him up with a treat, a silly voice, or a game.  However, if the situation creates too much anxiety, back away from the stimuli. Reintroduce the stimuli more slowly and build the puppy’s confidence up in that situation at a later time.
Your puppy goes through several fear periods during their lifetime.  The Critical Fear Periods in Puppies:
  • Seven to Nine Weeks
  • Four to Six Months
  • Approximately Eight to Nine Months
  • Approximately Twelve Months
  • Approximately Fourteen to Eighteen Months

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