Spring is just around the corner, and with it come more enjoyable weather and opportunities for outdoor activities with your Australian Labradoodle, such as going on a walk.  When going on a walk, it is best to keep your puppy on a leash.  In fact, in many states it is a law to keep your puppy on a leash during his walk.  The leash also allows you to stay in control of the puppy in any situation he might encounter.  Maybe you come upon an aggressive dog or maybe you meet a small child on the path, who is frightened.  In any case, it is always good to be in control of your dog.   Another reason to keep your puppy on a leash is to keep him from dangerous, chemicals, food, or other harmful substances he might find along his way.  Remember, their sense of taste is one of their most reliable senses!  So as the days get longer, the temperatures rise, and outdoor playtime becomes more commonplace, make sure you keep your dog safe and controlled on your walks by keeping him on a leash.

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