Stop Jumping on Guests

How do you stop your puppy from jumping?  By following these simple steps your puppy will learn in no time to stop jumping!

Showmanship 2013Step 1:  Ignore the behavior.  If you walk in the door and your puppy jumps on you, simply put him back on the ground and turn your back to him.

If the behavior continues after step one, continue implementing step one, but after ignoring the puppy for a few seconds, calmly redirect your puppies attention.  Have him “sit” or “lay down” when he obeys your command reward him with a treat and praise.

Continue these steps until your puppy has learned that jumping is NOT an option!

Training your dog is essential to a happy healthy home. It is imperative that you begin training the moment you walk away from your Australian Labradoodle breeder with your new puppy. They will make you laugh and smile, and your job is to be consistent.

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