It is that time of year again – cold and flu season!  If you are like me, you are washing your hands more frequently and trying to stay up on disinfecting common areas of your home.  While you are thinking about staying healthy for yourself, it is important to remember to keep your pet healthy, too!  Here are a few simple tips that I found on Cesar Millan’s website; 1) keep your puppy warm, 2) watch what foods your puppy eats (make sure you aren’t giving him treats from the Halloween candy stash or pieces of pie from the Thanksgiving table), and 3) continue exercising your puppy.  If the weather is too frightful outside, consider setting up your own agility course!  To read the article in it’s entirety please click the link below!
Also continue checking the blog, later this week!  We will be posting how to set up your own agility course!