Stimulate your Australian Labradoodles mind

Here at Ashford Manor, we believe that your dog’s physical health is equally as important as their mental health.  There are many games that you can play

What is that thing following me?

What is that thing following me?

with your dog to stimulate their mental health. The sense of smell of your Ashford Manor Labradoodle is the strongest sense that they have.  It is a great idea to use their strongest sense to teach them games.  One game is hide and seek with their food.  Begin simple by just hiding their food in an obvious location.  As your puppy gets the hang of the game you can make the hiding spaces trickier and even make an obstacle course that they have to get through in order to find their food.  It is important to rub the scent of the food along the path in order for them to be able to smell their way to their treat.  This exercise will encourage your dog to problem solve.

Cheryl Sabens

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