Non Shedding Dogs

Did you know that Australian Labradoodles don’t shed? It’s true, currently I am wearing tan shorts and have a black mini Australian Labradoodle laying on my lap … and guess what? No hair all over me!

One of the many reasons I absolutely love this breed is because they do not shed!

I have not found anything in this breed that I simply don’t like. They are very affectionate, doodles love to please, they learn extremely quickly, and so much more!

Pictured to the right is Ashford Manor’s Burny! He is a red mini Australian Labradoodle who lives in Oklahoma! We have seen Burny recently with his mama and the thing she likes best about Burny is … he doesn’t shed!!!

Below is a current picture of Burny and his owner!

I enjoy being able to play with all of our dogs and run out of the house on errands and not looking down and seeing hair all over the place. I also enjoy people coming over and not having to sanitize everything before someone can sit down!

Ashford Manor Australian Labradoodles has only one litter at a time, this beans to be blessed by one of our puppies, you need to call us now!

Cheryl Sabens