Grabbing that perfect picture of your puppy this Holiday Season might seem very challenging.  It might leave you wondering if it is worth the hassle.  We’ve outlined below a few very simple things that will help you in setting up that perfect picture!

  1. Make sure your puppy doesn’t have to use the restroom.  Before you try and grab that perfect picture, take him outside and make sure he doesn’t have any “business” he has to take care of.
  2. Play with him and exercise him a little before you try to take a picture.  This allows him to burn a little energy before the photo session.
  3. Have treats available and ready when he obeys your command to sit and be still.
  4. Remain calm and positive during your photo session.

Hopefully following these few, simple steps will help produce that picture perfect photo you are wishing for this Holiday Season!

Cheryl Sabens

Ashford Manor Labradoodles
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