Some of the most common concerns prior to bringing home a puppy are about potty training. This is probably the scariest thing to people about bringing home a new puppy. The thing we tell everyone is be consistent! We send our families home with a Beckyschedule that we try to keep around here which will help in many areas including potty training. We have a nighttime potty slot, although most of the puppies do not need this. Most of them will sleep all night if you keep to the routine when food and water are taken away by 5 p.m.

Consistency is key!

Potty Training 101We have done a podcast on the two methods of potty training that we use. The Poochie Bell method and the timer method. They both take diligence on your part. Do not get frustrated, your puppy will sense this. Your puppy is learning bladder control, this is a natural stage of growth. Your job is to assist them.

Your puppy is not to have free roam of the house, they need to be confined to a small area where they can access a door. They cannot tell you they have to potty if they cannot get to a door and they will pee everywhere if they are left free to roam!

For a new puppy everything is new and different. They have just met you, moved into your home, and are learning new things daily. It is important to keep exposing them to new people, places, and things as well as their new routine.

Small areas only

It is important to use a crate or play area during your potty training time. Your puppy will not want to soil in their crate so this is a great place when you are not watching your puppy. Your puppy is still learning bladder control a crate is another tool to assist in this process.

Never leave food and water out for a new puppy. You will constantly be finding puddles on the floor of pee and poop if you do Potty in the right placethis…guaranteed! It is important to control how much they eat and drink for several reasons. One of course is learning bladder control. Another reason is to make sure they are eating food and drinking an adequate amount of water. If your puppy is 6 pounds he only needs about 6 ounces of water per day, if he is 20 pounds they only need 10 – 20 sounds per day. The rule of thumb is 50 – 100% of their body weight.

Never leave food and water out for a new puppy

We introduce a potty area at 3 – 3/12 weeks of age. This is teaching them there is a designated area to go potty. We continue working on this and transitioning them for an easier transition to your home.

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