Wow, it is hard to believe that Ashford Manor Duchess’ Australian Labradoodle puppies are 4 weeks old today! Time sure flies when you are having fun!Every time I look at these puppies, I marvel at the wide variety of colors! They are all so beautiful.

Some of the things these puppies are doing: eating food that is soft, listening to different sounds, using a potty mat, and playing with toys. These puppies have come to school with us, they have been walking around their room, and they have been introduced to other dogs.

A list of some of the things we do with our Australian Labradoodle puppies are:

  • vacuum around them
  • use a broom around them
  • a hair dryer to dry them
  • a fan running in the room
  • kids of all ages handle and play with them
  • a candle burning
  • a shaver running
  • clip their nails
  • play with their ears, paws, muzzle
  • listen to different sounds (shot gun, baby crying, kids playing, sirens, dogs barking, city noises, airplane, helicopter, etc)
  • walk on different surfaces (grass, concrete, rock, dirt, carpet, vinyl, wood, and ceramic)


Ashford Manor Australian Labradoodle Puppies

boys at 4 weeks of age



girls at 4 weeks



Ashford Manor Labradoodles is Indiana’s responsible breeder of the multi-generational Australian Labradoodle.  We breed for temperament and test all of our puppies before they go to their forever homes. Call us today at 765-714-1436 to find out what Australian Labradoodle puppies are available.