It has been a busy weekend around here at Ashford Manor Labradoodles! Puppies have flown home and been picked up all weekend! They are all enjoying their new homes … they were giving lots of kisses!  The puppy updates are coming in and everyone seems to be doing well, even at night time! The puppies are really enjoying having their very own bowl of food and water … boy that is a change after sharing it with 9 other siblings!

So where did this litter go or are they going???


Crown Point, Indiana

Chicago, Illinois

Cincinnati, Ohio

Louisville, Kentucky

New York City, New York

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Wow, that is quite a list! Arbor Gate’s Brandy had 10 beautiful puppies and they are scattered all over the globe! This was truly an amazing litter with great personalities, nice confirmations, and just a playful group! Good job Brandy!


Cheryl Sabens

Ashford Manor Labradoodles