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I found the one of the coolest Pin on Pinterest the other day- Must have apps for Dog Owners!  I hope you enjoy learning about these apps as must as I did!

1. Tagg

Tagg is basically a GPS attachment for your Australian Labradoodle’s collar.  It has many great features, from tracking your dogs activity and even sends you a message if he goes beyond his boundaries (Avaliable for iOS and android)


2 iCam

This app allows your to see what your puppy is up to in real time.  Which can be helpful on many levels.  (Available on iOS and Android)


3.  Petoxins

This app from ASPCA helps you know what plants are poisonous to your puppy (Available for iOS)


4.  MapMyDogWalk

This app helps you are your Austrialian Labradoodle get fit at the same time.  (Available for iOS and Android)



Cheryl Sabens

Ashford Manor Labradoodles

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