There will be a time when your puppy seems to be chewing on everything!  This is a very natural behavior, however, it can be very annoying and damaging.  It is very important to correct this behavior right away to help keep your possessions nice and also keep your puppy from harm.
The first thing you can do for your puppy is “puppy proof” your home.   Place valuable items out of Australian Labradoodle puppieshis reach, and remove items that will be tempting to him (shoes at the front doors, coats on chairs, etc).
It is also helpful to give your puppy ample chewable toys.
If you do find your puppy chewing on something he shouldn’t, divert his attention to the appropriate toys and praise him when he plays and chews on desired objects.  Continue to monitor your puppy’s action, and anytime the unwanted action of chewing on something he shouldn’t happens, divert his attention.  It will not be long before he will learn what is appropriate to chew on and what isn’t.

Cheryl Sabens

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