Let the games begin! 

At Ashford Manor, the Puppy Challenge has commenced!  Each of our five children were paired with one puppy.  Over the next 9 days, they will be competing to train their puppy in the following six areas; to sit, stay, lay down, walk on a leash, sleep in a crate, and ring Poochie bells. The stakes are high, with first place earning the winner fifty dollars cash, second place earning twenty-five dollars, and everyone receiving ten dollars just for accepting the challenge!  Feel free to follow along on Facebook or right here on the blog at www.ashfordmanorlabradoodles.com.  We will have updates on how they are progressing through this 9 day training challenge.  Feel free to comment and encourage them during this challenge, as well!  Now… let’s meet the competitors.

Connor has been training dogs for the past four years.  He has won multiple competitions with his dog, Duchess.  Their high award this year was for Canine Good Citizen training!  When Conner and Duchess aren’t practicing for their upcoming competitions, they enjoy working on commands!

Our next competitor is Taylor.  He has also been training dogs for the past four years.  He and his dog Summer have won many county competitions.  In their free time, Taylor and Summer enjoy working on the commands sit, down, and stay.

Ethan brings to the table training expertise.  He has trained Ashford Manor’s own Brandy.  These two have won many county 4-H competitions. Ethan has a great bond with Brandy, and she enjoys spending time with him.  Brandy (and all the puppies) love to give Ethan kisses.

Olivia is new to training, but don’t let her limited experience fool you.  She is proving to be a strong leader, compassionate and dedicated to training her puppy, and well on her way to be an outstanding trainer!  She most enjoys taking walks with the puppies.

Ashlynn is our final competitor.  Ashlynn took Summer through Canine Good Citizen training this year, and they placed 8th out of over 200 dog and trainer pairs at the 4-H Indiana State Fair Competition.  No matter the task, she enjoys every minute she gets to spend with these cuddly puppies.


Cheryl Sabens

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