Puppy Miracles

Every mammal has a distinct gestation period.  For humans 40 weeks, for cat’s 58–65 days,  elephants take 645 days, and for our sweet puppies here at Ashford Manor, it is around 63 days.  We take pride in Australian Labradoodle availableALWAYS providing our dogs with a comfortable and safe environment.  Time is getting close for our very own Brandy & Duchess to have a litter of puppies—it will be any day now!  We are watching her belly grow continuously and looking for signs of labor.  With each passing day our excitement grows!  We were able to have an ultrasound taken of her last week and we found 5 bundles!  There are many times, however, where additional little puppies are hiding!  So we are expecting 5 knowing that there could be a few more.  To the right you will see Duchess and her previous litter.

If you are interested in a Duchess puppy, please contact us TODAY, as we only have a few spots open.


Cheryl Sabens

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