“No Nipping Puppy!”

Do you ever wonder why your dogs do THAT?  I have a pair of very nice shoes (well, at least, they used to be) sitting by my front door that are now decorated with little puppy teeth.  As soon as I saw these Chocolate Australian Labradoodlenew designs on my shoes, the thought came to me “why must these puppies chew on EVERYTHING?”  In hopes of answering this question, I found a very insightful article on Cesar Millan’s website where he was explaining common dog behaviors. I love how Cesar explains, “Just as a growing child, your dog will want to chew on toys and other objects to relieve the pain of a new set of teeth coming in. If your dog is full grown, you may also come home to find your couch cushions or favorite pair of shoes ripped to shreds, but it is not because they enjoy the taste. Your dog could be exhibiting signs of separation anxiety or anxiety in general.”

Cesar Milan gives 5 very helpful tips on how to correct biting: 

  • Rule out medical problems
  •  Puppy proof
  •  Encourage appropriate chewing behavior
  •  Discourage inappropriate chewing
  •  Play with your puppy.

Remember, a puppy is going to nibble on things if they are laying around, also if they are bored, and as they are teething. It is important to give your Australian Labradoodle plenty of things to do and play with. We have some great toy suggestions here.

Make sure you train your Australian Labradoodle!

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