Puppy Pick Up Kit

Once it is time to come pick up your Ashford Manor Australian Labradoodle puppy, there are some things you need to bring with you. These items will help you and your puppy on your journey home.

Crate – bringing a crate will help you if you need to stop for a potty break or a snack. Also putting your puppy into their crate will make them feel safer and could result in a very good nap.

Wet Wipes – These are so handy! If your puppy has an accident you can clean it up using a wet wipe. Harsh chemicals like Clorox Wipes are not good to use around a puppy. Wet wipes are also good for wiping your Australian Labradoodles paws.

Water Bottle & Collapsible Bowl – Make sure to have a water bottle on hand and a bowl in case your puppy gets thirsty. Another think to keep in mind is puppies drink and then need to potty right after. They are like little straws! Making sure you can take the puppy out immediately after giving them water will make sure you don’t have an accident in the car.

Toys – Having some toys on hand will make sure your puppy has something to do. Once a puppy gets bored they will start to cry or even start chewing on things they are not supposed to.

Towels – Bringing a towel can be very helpful if you need to wipe their paws off after a potty break in the rain. Also, you can protect your car seats in case your puppy has an accident.

We provide a go home bag to every Ashford Manor family. This includes:

  • 3 Day Supply of Food
  • Poop Bags
  • Toy
  • Blanket Rubbed on Litter Mates
  • Leash & Collar
  • Treeats
  • 3 Day Supply of Supplements
  • And More

Bringing home your puppy is an exciting day! We want to make sure that you are prepared for your first experience with your puppy!

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