Red Mini Australian Labradoodle Update


These gorgeous little puppies are 3 weeks old now. They have started having supplemental milk to help transition them to canned food soon. In just a short time they will have teeth and begin eating kibble! It is amazing to me every litter to watch how fast they develop and change. This gorgeous red male mini red Australian Labradoodle does not have any teeth yet, but in about a week he will have teeth!  They have started to wobble around on their little legs and have to rest after only a few short steps. It is so funny to see them try to play with each other and tire out so quickly!

All of these puppies are going to be a gorgeous red color. Currently they are all as dark as their mama Duchess! They are all a stunning group of puppies! It will be interesting to see their personalities as they develop as well!

Cheryl Sabens

Ashford Manor Labradoodles

Indiana’s Australian Labradoodle Breeder