Recently I have read this story, just a reminder to register your dogs microchip! 

Several days ago, I think it was Thursday, a beautiful golden doodle dog, who we are calling Charlie, showed up at our home.  I’m not sure I‘ve  got the title of the dog right. Saturday someone from the Powder Springs Animal Clinic called you for me to see if you had a chip number for Charlie.The person I spoke to at the clinic gave me the chip number today. I think according to a place I called later the lady said the chip was purchased in December of 2014, so Charlie must be around 14 months.

It appears the person who bought Charlie must have forgotten to register him in their name.

We have had Charlie since Thursday.  My neighbor has been coming down to play with Charlie and has fallen love  with him. I think you said that Charlie has probably been living inside at night.  He was camping out  at our house.  Rhonda said she will give Charlie a bath and he can stay in her room.  She has a large beautiful back yard that is fenced in.

If you know  the name of the vet you use to get the chip put in Charlie he may have the person’s name who bought Charlie. I’m assuming the person that owns Charlie lives in Powder Springs; however, they could have been visiting someone and he got away.