As the weather begins to get nicer, the opportunities to be outside and enjoy the weather with your puppy increase.  Many of our families daily run with their Australian Labradoodle.  It is important for you to consider the best type of leash to run with your puppy.  One of the common leashes out there are the retractable leash.  It is our advice, at Ashford Manor Labradoodles, that this type of leash is NOT a good choice when running with your puppy for many reasons.  The chord itself can burn or cut arms, legs, and/or hands if it becomes wrapped around them.  If your puppy does take off and when the leash comes at its end the sudden stop can cause injury to you or your dog.  We recommend you using a leash that doesn’t contract—one that you can have total control over, ensuring that you and your puppy have a safe and fun run!
If you are looking for a running plan for you and your puppy check out the following link
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