Most of the puppies from our recent litters are now with their forever family!  This is a very exciting time for the new families and also the puppies! At Ashford Manor, we stress the importance of early socialization and training.   From the beginning of your puppy’s birth, new sounds, textures, people, and commands are being introduced and taught to your puppy on a daily basis.  It is very important for you to continue this pattern of being active in presenting your puppy with new sounds, textures, places, commands, and people.  The first 6 months of a puppy’s life are the most critical.   Between 6-8 months, your puppy will enter into adolescence, and waiting to begin training at this age will prove to be a very challenging task!  Please take our advice and daily work with your puppy to lay a solid foundation for a well-behaved dog.


Cheryl Sabens
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