Before your can start to teach your labradoodle obedience, a very important step that you must master is called RELEASE.  Release is exactly what it sounds like—it is a break from whatever you are teaching your puppy at the time.  By teaching your puppy to release, it allows them to know when they no longer have to Sadee from Brandy:Jackpay attention to you and the training session is over.  It is saying to them, “Good job, pup!  You can have a little break now!”  Release is important because it will let your puppy know that you have ended your training session.  To teach release is very simple.  When you have finished you’re training lesson, your intonation should be more playful and exaggerated.  You can show that your session has ended by stepping back and calling your puppy to you with enthusiasm.  It is also helpful to follow your release with a game or some form of play.




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