Australian Labradoodle Therapy Dogs In Schools

Newgarden Therapy DogBusinesses, nursing homes, and schools are seeing a difference by having therapy and service dogs in their establishments. Unfortunately, many kids deal with various issues during their school years and it helps to have an Australian Labradoodle in the school to help by bringing comfort and support.

Bringing therapy dogs into a school can be risky and full of liability issues. Integrating an Australian Labradoodle therapy dog takes time, funding, coordination and work. It is not an easy task to undertake, although it is so worth the time, effort, and price in your children lives.

Ways Dogs Help?

Socially – A visit with a dog provides greater self esteem and well-being, connection and familiarization with the animal world, focused interaction, positive discussions with others

Emotionally – Improves self-esteem, acceptance, and mood uplifting even to laughter

Physically- Gives motivation to move, walk, and stimulate the senses, interaction reduces blood pressure, petting reduces anxiety, assists with pain management, and provides tactile stimulation.

Cognitive – companionship helps with memory stimulation, game playing and problem solving

Environmental – Lifts spirits after the visit, decreases the feeling of being in a sterile environment


  • Legal Responsibility
  • Animal Odor
  • Allergic Reactions
  • Potential Harm to Students or Animals
  • Animal Maintenance – by whom, cost, etc.
  • Fears/Phobias

Homework, homework, homework after all that is what school is … right? Every institution needs to do their homework. Everyone needs to be educated and know the facts before going into such a venture. Talk to other schools and establishments to find out how things are going, what they have done, and do your homework before jumping into this new adventure.

All of these concerns are legitimate, although some of them are not concerning in the Australian Labradoodles such as the allergies, and odor. If you choose our trainer, Julie Case, she also has not only a great program but also a great protection policy on each and every therapy and service dog.


Bringing Therapy Dogs to your School

Pet Therapy in School

Pet in the Classroom

Why an Australian Labradoodle?

  • Great with children of all ages
  • Come in 3 sizes (mini, medium, and standard)
  • Are allergy & asthma friendly
  • Non-shedding
  • Quick to learn

Fundraiser IdeasMini Australian Labradoodle

  • Car Wash
  • Bowl-A-Thon, Rock-a-thon, Mara-a-thon
  • Restaurants
  • Bake Sale, Garage Sale

Make a difference in your community!

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