What Do I Do When All The Training Classes Say 12 Weeks of Age?

Many people have this same question, “How do I take my Australian Labradoodle to training if the trainer says not until they have all their shots?” Their are several alternatives to this.

1. Use an online trainer, we have a trainer we recommend who works through Skype and does a phenomenal job.

2. Use the tips that we teach you in our weekly handouts to train your puppy the first month.

3. Find a trainer who will come to your home or offer private lessons.

It is crucial for the future of your puppy to get into training immediately. Your puppy will learn many habits both good and bad during this first month in your home. Many times we do not realize that we are teaching our puppies negative behaviors.

We also do not know how to train everything, play biting can be an issue with young puppies. This is something we forget about when our puppies mature into adult dogs. Play biting is not a bad thing, we need to learn how to handle it and refocus our puppies. It is imperative you get your puppies attention and they learn it is incorrect to chew on anything except toys.

Cheryl Sabens

Ashford Manor Labradoodles

Indiana’s Australian Labradoodle Breeder


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