Visiting Labradoodle Puppy


Today we had a visiting Labradoodle puppy here! If the picture looks familiar it is because it is a litter mate! Blossom had come for a visit and they were playing so cute together! She is a gorgeous, sweet little girl … and Douglas is a handsome boy as well! They are booth doing well sleeping at night time in their crates, taking naps in their crates both in the morning and in the evening, and potty training is going well, with only a few accidents!

The Australian Labradoodle Pair!


These two cuties are both miniature size, non-shedding, allergy friendly Australian Labradoodles. They have both have fleece coats. The colors are both apricot and red! Our puppies are raised in our home and treated as part of our family. They go places with us, they watch movies with us, and play with us!

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Cheryl Sabens

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