3 Week Old Puppies!

This is what is called the Transitional Period. A period of time where puppies eyes and ears have opened. The puppies are beginning to experience new sights and sounds. They can see what their litter mates look like, what mom looks like, and the people taking care of them. They are hearing each other and different sounds.

So what does a 3 week old puppy do?

  • Whine
  • Bark
  • Grunt
  • Explore
  • Run into litter mates
  • Paw at litter mates to play
  • Play
  • Going potty in a designated area – away from others.

What do 3 week old puppies need?

  • Attention
  • New Sounds
  • New Sights
  • New Textures
  • Exposure, Exposure, Exposure!

What does Ashford Manor Labradoodles do for pups at 3 weeks of age?

  • Continually add new items for play (balls, soft toys, hard toys, etc.)
  • Daily add different sounds for them to hear (music of various kinds, pots/pans, dishes, water, airplanes, gun shots, fireworks, etc.)  
  • Touch them, play with them, lift them up
  • Train them with a potty mat to go to the bathroom
  • Love on them!
Ashford Manor Labradoodles is an Australian Labradoodle breeder located in Indiana. Our puppies have safely travelled all over the United States, including Alaska! We have puppies in major cities and in rural areas … so our job is to prepare them for everything and people of all ages!
Our current 3 week old puppies has mini and medium sized Australian Labadoodles available. They are various shades of chocolate, chalk (white), and caramel in color! These puppies are raised in our home and cared for and trained each day.
Australian Labradoodles are not just another dog. They are growing in popularity because they are non-shedding, allergy friendly, and good for people with asthma as well. They can be groomed as little as twice a year. The Australian Labradoodle is incredibly fast to train very intelligent, and make fantastic therapy dogs!
Find out why Ashford Manor Labradoodles stands out from the rest of Australian Labradoodle breeders by taking to some of our puppy families. Visit a website that doesn’t even let you join if you don’t have great references! We are members of the Australian Labradoodle Association of America, Goldendoodles.com and the Premium Breeders List; all of these are exceptional organizations to help ensure the high quality of breeding the Australian Labradoodle puppy.
We take time to help prepare each puppy family for their new arrival! We spend time talking to each family and send them resources to help ease the transition plus all the training we do.
Cheryl Sabens
Ashford Manor Labradoodles
Australian Labradoodle Breeder in Indiana