Should I Get An Australian Labradoodle Puppy?

During this pandemic many people are thinking about getting a new puppy. Sometimes it is because they are working from home now, others loneliness, and yet others the sorrow of losing another pet.  There are many things to consider before purchasing a puppy like the time involved in training, the consistency needed in training, the cost of food, vet bills, and training expenses.

The Australian Labradoodle is a cross between three very smart, athletic, and intuitive  breeds. They want to be with their human companion all the time, they do not do well being left at home while others are away at work. They will follow you everywhere and not lose sight of you too often.

They also want to take walks, runs, and play with you. The Australian Labradoodle needs mental stimulation through puzzles, hide and seek, and obedience work. All of these things help your puppy learn to stay focused on you.

It is imperative that you train your puppy right from the beginning. If this means going to training classes, sending them to puppy boot camp, or doing online training, you must do some training. This will need to fit financially and time wise into your thoughts of getting a puppy.

At Ashford Manor Labradoodles we work on transitioning your puppy to know where to go potty. This begins at around 3 weeks of age and continues until they leave. This is one of the most important tasks as a dog owner. Your puppy may need to go out to the bathroom at night, they may have a few accidents in the house. You have to be prepared to know how to handle these situations.

Investing in your puppy’s health is very important. Ashford Manor feeds TLC pet food which has both pre and probiotics in it! It is also shipped to your door so no more going to the store and buying dog food that has been sitting on the shelf for long periods of time.

As human foods do not have all nutritional value that they once had, we feed Nu Vet supplements daily. These Supplements for dogshelp build up your pups resilience to the many harmful things that can hurt your puppy.

Ashford Manor provides the first round of vaccinations as well as several deworming which you will receive this list in your paperwork. You will need to get two more rounds of vaccinations as well as the rabies vaccine. All of these items will cost various amounts depending on the vet that you choose to use.

Your dog will need to have a yearly vet visit for vaccines as well as a dental cleaning. Some vets will wait until your puppy is a couple years old or their teeth need a good cleaning before scheduling this. You will need to take time to brush your dog’s teeth and gums to keep them healthy daily.

Grain Free Puppy FoodThe Australian Labradoodle can be groomed as often as every 2 months or as rare as every 6 months. This can range anywhere from $30 – $100 per grooming. We strongly suggest that you brush your dog’s coat  daily. You can trim your puppy’s nails and face at home or take them to the groomer and have them trimmed.

An Australian Labradoodles life expectancy is 12 – 16 years depending on their size. As difficult as it is to thing about you need to consider who will care for your dog if something happens. This is an important part of being a responsible dog owner.

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