Dog Challenge #8 “Play dead”

I don’t know about you but this heat is too much. Many days of a heat advisory can really get us all down. So, how about  Trick deada break from outside training for you and your dog.

This month’s challenge is to teach your dog to play dead. It can be done in the comfort of your air-conditioned living room.

Skill level: easy

As always, have fun with your Australian Labradoodle!

You could make a gun shape with your hand or not. Sound effects can be added like, “BANG!” Or you could turn it into a joke and mention to your pup about the heat while you give a hand signal, “Gee Rover, do you think it is too hot outside?” (dog falls over as if dead). Give it a try!

And as always send us your videos and pictures!

If you have missed out on previous tricks, don’t forget to look them up!

Cheryl Sabens

Ashford Manor Labradoodles