Boat safety

We are nearing the end of summer. You might have a last minute vacation planned or maybe a family reunion at the lake. Or maybe you are lucky enough to own a boat or be invited for an outing with friends. Have you thought about taking your dog with you?

Most dogs are not afraid of water and have natural swimming instincts. So, don’t hesitate to take your Australian Dog Boating
Labradoodle with you. They love to be where you are. But, before you head to the lake, think about your dog’s safety.

Have fun with your pets!

  1. Purchase a canine life jacket. You can get them at most boating shops or pet stores.
  2. Don’t encourage your dog to drink the lake water. Harmful bacteria could be lurking about. Take along some fresh drinking water.
  3. Plan ahead for potty breaks. Your Australian Labradoodle will need to go somewhere. Take some paper towels, waste bags or even some puppy pads.

A day on the sea can be refreshing and fun for you and your dog with a little planning ahead.

Cheryl Sabens

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