Bravecto and Trifexis and Their Horrible Effects 


I have been a long time advocate for NOT using any oral products to treat fleas/tick.  I have been told repeatedly that the Vets offices are pushing these products as being safe.

This comes from another breeder, ” So far I have 2 of my clients that have had dogs with adverse reactions from Trifexis and comfortis and now a death caused from Bravecto oral flea treatment. ”

I strongly urge you as breeders to pass along this information to your clients, the VETS are being very convincing . If you share this story maybe they will think twice before allowing their vet to sell them this type of product.

Both of these products are made to encompass both heart worm and flea and tick treatment. By combining these two products to make it easier for you, you are actually causing harm to your Australian Labradoodle.

I also know of breeders who have had puppies without limbs and other deformities by giving their breeding dogs one of these products when they first came out. As a responsible Australian Labradoodle breeder I have always stayed away from these products, as a canine owner please stay away from them as well.

A good rule of thumb is if a product has been out less than a year, or they have minimal studies on the product, stay away from it.

Stay away from these products!



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