Just this week I heard about a dog breaking their tail! Wow, never thought of that! Our dog Summer’s tail is Apricot Australian Labradoodlesometimes like a helicopter when she is so excited she just can’t stand it! Sometimes it hits things so hard I am surprised it hasn’t broken! Sometimes a kink in a dogs tail can be from a break.

What is a dogs tail made of?

A dogs tail is an extension of their backbone. It is made up of muscles and bones to work together to create movement. If your dog has a long tail and they are not wagging their tail in a back and forth motion they may have a broken tail. It is not uncommon to break a dogs tail. They can control the tip separately from the rest.

What does a dog use their tail for?

Labradoodle Puppies runningA dog uses their tail to share their feelings. If they are happy and excited they will wag their tail. A tail is used for balance when running, doing agility and swimming. The tail also gives off a dogs scent for the others to find out who they are.

Make sure you take your dog to the vet for regular yearly visits!


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