Everyone knows a humans temperature runs around 98.6.

Did you know the body temperature of  a dog?

A dogs is 101 – 102.5 as a normal body temperature. This means they are about 3 degrees warmer than we are at all times. We need to remember this important fact when we are taking them for walks on hot days, sitting in a car that is not running, or going to play in the park.

Tips to Cool Your Labradoodle DownSummer Cool

  • Small sips of cool water
  • Find shade
  • Apply a cool towel to their paws and stomach area
  • Once they have cooled down a little get them walking around a bit and offer them beef broth to rehydrate

Things Not To Do

  • Give ice cubes
  • Give them cold water
  • Do not have them jump in cold water
  • Do not apply ice packs

Keep your Australian Labradoodle happy, healthy, and safe this summer!


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