Do you ever wonder what to do with your pet while you are away on vacation?  

Pluto faceOne option is to leave your puppy with a close friend or a relative.  In order to have a smooth transition, visit the home where your Australian Labradoodle will stay before you leave.  Also, equip your babysitter with instructions that allow them to know your puppy’s likes, dislikes, and routines. Be sure to give your care giver as much information as possible so they and your puppy can have a safe and fun time together. Make sure that you give the caregiver any phone numbers of your vet and an emergency vet in case something happens. Also, give them a listing of any medications your dog is on including heart worm, flea/tick, and when they receive these.

Another option is leaving your puppy at a local puppy business that provides day and over night care.  Many of these places have large areas where your puppy will be able to get plenty of exercising and a good amount of socialization. Make sure that you check out these local businesses and see where your Australian Labradoodle will be sleeping, playing, what the schedule is, and who they will be playing with.

If your pet is more comfortable in your home look into an in-home pet sitter business. These are found in most every large CritterSittersInHomePetCare24985-FinalLogoD3L1.jpg.w560h354town. Once again it is imperative that you meet the people who will be taking care of your pet, find out what times they come to let your Australian Labradoodle out, and watch them interact with your dog before deciding if this is the best fit for your puppy.

Wherever you go and whatever you do, the most important thing is that your Australian Labradoodle puppy is safe and well taken care of while you are away. It is important for your dogs health that you make sure they are in an environment where they will do well.

Your are your Australian Labradoodles advocate!

Cheryl Sabens

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