Dog Trick of the Month

Figuring out what dog trick we were going to teach this month was not an easy task. Unfortunately, I think it will be an even harder task to accomplish.

Skill Level: Difficult

This month we will be teaching our dog to put away their toys! Yes, this may seem like an impossible feat but our Australian Labradoodles are very intelligent. Here is a little story about Duchess, a mini Australian Labradoodle.

We have quite a few dogs come to our home at various times for breeding and Duchess will share some of her toys with her friends and others she will hide from them. She is now retired, although when she had puppies she would gather all the toys she could find and bring them to her puppies. The pups had large mounds of toys!

So … why not teach her how to put away her toys in a toy box!

Let’s challenge our dogs to a new level! We know they are extremely smart so why should we clean up after them. Isn’t it enough we clean up after everyone else.

Dog Challenge #6

I encourage anyone who is trying this to send us a video and we will post them for others to learn or laugh!

If you missed May’s trick of the month, look here!

Cheryl Sabens

Ashford Manor Labradoodles