Looking for a doodle, you need to know

This is a great article from Bark Post that a family who has two of our Ashford Manor Australian Labradoodles has shared with us. I was just looking at it again today and laughing hysterically … especially at the part that talks about never being alone even in the bathroom! It is so true! Currently I have Summer with her one paw on my chair the other on my arm to get my attention that she needs to say “hello” and that I needed to take a few minute break from my computer.

A few years ago I was so excited that my kids were growing up and I could use the bathroom by myself! Only a mom knows that feeling. But wait, I still cannot use the bathroom by myself because Summer and Ashford Manor’s Duchess join me! They do not go in the bathroom with anyone else … just me! They sit and wait for me to acknowledge them, when I tell them they need to leave they do, but they still come with me everywhere!

In case you don’t believe me I just got up from my computer walked in the bathroom and sat on the toilet, guess who followed me. And NO, I was not going to the bathroom … just going in there to get a picture of them following me.

Doodles with me everywhere!

Ashford Manor Australian Labradoodles


I hope you enjoy this article as much as I did!

Cheryl Sabens

Ashford Manor Labradoodles

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